Get started with tracking expenses in 2021

Jan. 27, 2021
Get started with tracking expenses in 2021

Happy new year, what are your new year's resolutions? For many business owners, it is to ensure they know exactly where all their money go to. If you are in this group, keep reading!

To begin you need to have a place you can easily access to keep track of expenses as fast as you make them, we suggest using the JidiTrust application as it is accessible to your smartphone and easy to use. 

It takes less than 2 minutes to sign up on the JidiTrust application and you can start recording your expenses right away! You might ask, why would I not just go ahead and use paper to record these things. Well, using paper is not efficient, it also is not as safe as a digital solution. 

With JidiTrust, we also give you business insights and alert you when you overspend your normal average spending threshold, you would agree this is a more valuable option than using paper.