Earning passive income as a student

Feb. 26, 2021
Earning passive income as a student

Get out of your comfort zone and make money while studying Are you thrilled about making money while schooling? Or you are worried about losing focus and performing poorly in academics while working at the same time? This is what Warren Buffett says about your situation; “The WORST thing you can do is get a 2nd job. The BEST thing you can do is start a home-based business.” Now here are few ways to earn passive income in 2021.

In today’s blog, we would look at a few of them. First, you can consider creating a Youtube channel, where you share what you know with the world. It could be in relation to what you are studying in school be it Maths, Science or English. Someone struggling with that chosen field of study may get motivated by what you do or may understand better than what they obtain in class. Like Jess Van Den puts it, “The MOST effective way of bringing in passive income is educating people.” For those interested in comedy, dance, fashion trends, entertainment, music, and art, you can equally share your skill or talent with the world while making money after you get a considerable amount of viewership.

Also, you can start writing articles or opinions on anything that interests you as a person. It could be social vices, injustice, or nature. For starters, you may even start your blog for free. This could even launch you on a new career with a media firm where you could write their editorials and earn more money as a student. Today, there are many young writers making money on WordPress and Medium you can join the trend too.

Lastly, you can make money by publishing your own ebook. Taking writing to the next level, at first it may sound way out of your league but it is not as frightening as it sounds. All you need is a catchy title and a nice cover page that will grab people's attention. There are a lot of life experiences you could put into a book. Try Kindle or Instamojo with zero investment today. All you need to do is signup and price your ebook for sale.

Remember to make use of your social media accounts by sharing the links to your work for more subscribers, who may recommend you to their friends, and the many views you get, the more money you earn. For more information on what passive income is, kindly refer to our previous post.