Cultivating a healthy spending habit

Jan. 25, 2021
Cultivating a healthy spending habit

If you have always been an impulsive spender or you always say things like "oh I cannot really tell exactly how I spend my money" today's blog is for you.

This new year on your journey to become more responsible, we will look at three ways to help you cultivate a healthy spending habit. The first thing to do is something you hear a lot: live on a budget. This does not mean "do not spend money at all", rather it means having a plan for every cedi you spend.

The next thing to do is to avoid spending triggers, a few triggers can be the Jumia app on your home screen or linking your card to your Uber app, or going out with your friends. So you need to know yourself and take the shopping app to the third screen or switch to cash-only trips. Essentially discover your weaknesses and have a walk around.

Finally consider finding an accountability partner, this can be a friend or someone you look up to who you can give consent to monitor you for changes you have promised to make. Telling someone else to look out for you can be a positive thing as they would advise you against borrowing and be a voice of reason when you try to go against your plans.