Big Announcement: JidiTrust sets up shop at Cape Coast

Oct. 1, 2020
Big Announcement: JidiTrust sets up shop at Cape Coast

JidiTrust is a startup on a mission to help small business owners in Africa grow their business rapidly and get access to financial opportunities available to them by becoming financially literate.

Two months ago, after our prototype was ready for testing we conducted a 2-week pilot at Cape Coast where we used the one-on-one interviews and open-air workshops approach to create awareness at the Kotokoraba market. We reached over 200 people and got over 60 people willing to try the product. In total we got a lot of feedback which we took home to digest and integrate into the product, making it even easier to use and more accessible.

We are very pleased to announce that the JidiTrust team has now officially set up shop at Cape Coast; we have found it to be a great community with a lot of our target customers showing interest in and some already using the JidiTrust app to grow their businesses and become financially literate.

Now with the JidiTrust application, small business owners can now easily record all their business transactions: as they sell their goods, or at the end of each business day. As they record, the JidiTrust app lets them know how well their business is doing overtime (daily, weekly, monthly e.t.c) helping them make better decisions to rapidly grow their businesses.  Furthermore, we also noticed the Susu savings culture is prevalent in the community. So we plugged into that consumer behavior so all JidiTrust customers will be able to do Susu savings with mobile money right on the application too.

Soon JidiTrust customers who record business transactions over time will also be able to access quick business loans on the application, these loans will take their business records into consideration to value and assess worthiness. We are grateful for all the love and support that has been shown to us and we strongly believe this is a start to an amazing journey with small businesses in Africa.